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Laser Safety Assessments

Our expertise in laser safety is used by a variety of industries to help assist and advise on safety issues unique to use of lasers in the workplace. This can range from providing assistance in the design and operation of an industrial process using lasers, through to ensuring the safety of laser effects used in a stadium filled with an audience of 40,000+ people.

The introduction of new laser specific regulations in April 2010 known as the Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010 (CoAORaW 2010), places specific requirements in terms of risk assessment and laser safety management, as well as defining legally binding exposure limits.

Each application presents its own challenges, but combining an intimate knowledge of laser operation and safety, with that of more broader health and safety principles we are able to ensure that the most effective solutions are reached.

Our expertise is used to assist organisations in the following areas:
•  Development and implementation of the application
•  Review of the work process
•  Independent assessment of the laser installation

Entertainment laser safety assessments

Company principal, James Stewart, has gained a reputation as being a leading laser safety expert in the field of entertainment applications, and as such, works regularly either directly with the production teams of many of the worlds major recording artistes, and with the UK's leading venues who recognise the importance of ensuring the safety of their workers and members of the public.

The technology used for creating today's current laser effects has changed so much in recent years it is barely recognisable to that used in the past, and at the same time the costs continue to fall too. These factors have been key to allowing productions and venues to install multiple light sources to create exciting visual effects. With laser effects now being used in ways that were previously impossible, new challenges exist in managing their safe operation. LVR's extensive experience in this sector ensure that risks are identified and managed appropriately so as to be enjoyable to watch, but not put others at harm.


•  Arena & Stadium Inspections
•  Festival Inspections
•  Nightclub Installations
•  University Student Union Installs
•  LSO Consulting to Productions
•  Advice to Local Authorities
•  Effects Safety Measurements
•  Venue Laser Safety Policy


Industrial and Scientific Applications laser safety assessments

The use of laser light for industrial applications can be varied and wide-ranging, but the underlying principle is that the task must be accomplished without putting workers at risk. Many applications use lasers that emit extremely high energy levels capable of harming eyesight or skin, often in the form of invisible light. The key to ensuring the safety of workers is a well thought out system of work that considers the risks that may be present in the particular application. Without the experience and competence in managing laser safety issues, and a good understanding of the hazards that are present, aspects of a laser installation could be overlooked, or indeed over engineered.

LVR use its extensive knowledge of the laser safety standards and guidance published by the British Standards Institute (BSI), as well as experience in laser issues to assist users in effective elimination and reduction of risk. In doing so, creating an environment that both workers and safety managers alike feel more comfortable about the hazards.

•  Laser Safety Training
•  Installation Assessment
•  Working Practice Design & Review
•  Safety Management System Review
•  Application Risk Assessment
•  Policy Development

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