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Advanced Laser Technical Workshop

LVR Limited are pleased to introduce a unique hands-on practical workshop for designers and operators of laser effects wanting to produce effects that create safe exposure levels. The one-day session is designed to follow on from the knowledge gained from the successful Professional Laser Operators Course, for those who are keen to present effects such as safe audience scanning to their clients. The workshop explores a variety of techniques for achieving exciting safe laser effects, with participants gaining direct hands on experience of designing effects, taking measurements, and evaluating exposure safety.

Additionally there is chance to see Pangolin's Professional Audience Safety System (PASS) in action with optical feedback implemented, providing the most robust projector emissions monitoring system available. You'll be shown different configurations of PASS, and how you can install and correctly set up a PASS on your own projectors to provide the maximum assurance of scanning effect safety. We also offer you a discounted price on purchasing a Pangolin PASS. Pangolin Retail List Price is US$ 995, but upon completion of the Workshop, you would be able to claim a discount of US$170 off the full price. (US Dollar price is converted to GBP and is subject to postage and vat)

The workshop is deliberately limited to a small number of attendees, so that everybody is able to actively participate and gain real experience in assessing laser effects.

LVR Advance laser safety training LVR Advance laser safety training

Laser Effects by Safe Design – Advanced Practical Workshop

Date to be announced


Course Date: TBA
Course Title: Laser Effects by Safe Design - Advanced Workshop

The workshop considers the use and assessment of a range of different types of laser effects, ranging from traditional galvanometer-scanned effects, diffraction gratings, mirror balls, and high inertia scanning devices. In each case, participants are given the opportunity to test and evaluate the laser exposure of such devices; and using some of the latest available techniques, ways to make laser effects safer are tested.

Who should Attend
The workshop is designed for people that already have some previous knowledge and experience in laser show safety. The workshop takes things further than any laser show safety course offered anywhere else in the world, so for participants to gain the most from it, participants must have first attended the standard LVR Laser Show Safety course or feel you have sufficient prior knowledge; this ensures that everyone is equipped with the knowledge required to develop the necessary skills further during the workshop.


£275 (+VAT) or if 2 or more people book together, the price is reduced to £250 (+VAT) each.
The cost of the workshop includes and examination at no extra cost.
Price includes a copy of our Laser Display Safety Handbook and a Certificate of Attendance.  Each Certificate of Attendance has a unique serial number on it allowing attendees to be register onto the online database of Registered Advance Laser Safety Operators. If you are successful in the exam on the day and pass, you will receive an additional certificate.
The course runs from 09:30hrs through to 17:00hrs, with welcome tea/coffee, lunch and refreshment breaks.

To Register
Call 01539 552138 or Enroll today online!
Don't miss out - Register to ensure your spot at this valuable training workshop!

The advanced workshop is designed and presented by James Stewart, recognised as a leader in assessing and evaluating laser effect emissions in the entertainment industry.
Full details of the advanced workshop day, along with a booking form can be found as a PDF file here: Advanced-Laser-Workshop


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