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Risk Assessment is one of the underpinning factors of workplace health and safety, so much so, that under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, there is a legal requirement for businesses of all sizes to make a suitable and sufficient assessment to the health and safety of employees and others that may be affected. An assessment of the likelihood of harm occurring and its consequences allows you to develop measures to reduce the risks posed by the type of work you carry out.

Certain workplace activities have specific regulations and guidance to help ensure a minimum level of safety is afforded. LVR Limited keeps abreast of the latest legislation and guidance to provide you with up to date advice that is relevant to your workplace. We are able work with your business in assisting you in identifying the significant hazards and finding suitable solutions to control your risks to an acceptable level. The work we carry out in this area adopts a sensible approach to helping you in managing risk helping you avoid the situation of being unnecessarily overcautious about everything your business does.

Some of the more specific areas we work in are listed below

• Manual Handling
• Computer Workstations - Display Screen Equipment
Laser Safety
Optical Radiation Assessments
• Workplace Equipment
• Workplace Lighting
• Ergonomics
Product Safety

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